Data structure changes and upgrade modifications in BC v19 CU02

Data structure changes and upgrade modifications in BC v19 CU02

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a modern, complex and dynamic software that Microsoft is constantly developing and improving.
So called cumulative updates are published monthly and are also automatically rolled out for cloud customers.
It is not easy to determine which changes the upgrade contains in detail, but it is important to know under certain conditions.

As a technically oriented partner, however, I am very interested in what modifications have been made at the data level so that I can deduce whether the changes have an impact on the functionalities I or others need. Therefore, I research the application’s source code and present the changes I found here.

Data orientated changes in the cumulative update 2 Business Central 2021 Release Wave 2 (v19) standard version AT, Knowledge Base ID 5009178 are:

changes in Data structure

Base Application

Object Definition Modification
table 1173 “Document Attachment” field(15; “VAT Report Config. Code”; Enum “VAT Report Configuration”) new
table 1140 “OAuth 2.0 Setup” field(21; “Feature GUID”; Guid) new
field(22; “User ID”; Code[50]) new
table 743 “VAT Report Setup” field(31; “Report VAT Base”; Boolean) new

DATA Modifications by upgrade

The execution of the data upgrade process is logged in table 9999 “Upgrade Tags”, new records are written by running the following procedures.

Base Application

Object Procedure Upgradetag
codeunit 104000 “Upgrade – Base App” UpgradeDataExchFieldMapping() MS-415627-DATAEXCHOCRVENDORNO-20211111
codeunit 104043 “Upgrade Config. Field Map” UpgradeConfigFieldMap() MS-417047-CONFIGFIELDMAP-20211112

System Application

Object Procedure Upgradetag
codeunit 9057 “Plan Upgrade” RenamePlansAndDeleteOldPlans() MS-329421-RENAMEPLANS-20211028

I hope this is helpful to others besides just me 😊

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